The origin

In 2010 the dream of Maria and Giuseppe was fulfilled with the opening of a small travel agency on Corso Vittorio Emanuele in Angri.
Many years have passed since that hot July 4, 2010.
Whetherwe have grown up, we have fought doubts, unhinged old and ancient stereotypes without ever losing sight of what this term means and what it is in practice: TRAVEL.
We arrive at July 25, 2020, Covid19 pandemic INCLUDED, and we start a new chapter; we are alive, we are present, we raise our eyes because nothing and no one can stop us.
Campania,our wonderful Lady, is more beautiful than ever and is ready to welcome but shines only with the Best.

The dream

Our travel agency took consistency when it was necessary to give it a name, to make it re-emerge from the pile of documents and stamp papers that would soon pile up on the desk at home. But how to identify it? What name to give her trying not to fall into the banal routine of an agency that sells sea and sun at full throttle without even knowing what and why she sells that type of holiday. Tutto until then, however captivating and stimulating,turned out to be far from our personal history but above all knows not consistent for those like us sought after and defend their origins. Thus we began the work of sifting – nominative of all the words, Italian and foreign that with the travels had and still have a mutual belonging. A dear friend of ours, Alfonso R. learned of the new business project that would soon materialize associated our nickname, Turinese with the vision of this new agency. Here is the name:


It was an emblematic name to define us, me and my brother Giuseppe, the two who come from abroad, the two who came from the northern Italy, the Torinesi, indeed.

Torinesi Viaggi offers all our experience, all our knowledge and love to always guarantee you the best solution for you and for those you love.


Be conscious of what we are, who we are, who our interlocutor is, who our client is one of our priorities in order to have them all close to our hearts, every time. It does not matter if we meet for the first time, if we have met one thousand times. You are giving us your dreams, your will to know, so your life, and we care about that more than we care about ours.